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Free Bike Share Melbourne
Share your bike with family and friends.


Free Bike Share Melbourne has been developed to help people share their old bikes which may be sitting gathering dust in the shed or garage. If you and your friends share your old bikes you'll create a pool of bikes that becomes a great resource for you, your family and your friends. Free Bike Share Melbourne provides information and links to sites I used.

The Bikes menu option provides family and friends who have registered with me the ability to find, book, borrow and return a bike. In the future this facility may be made available to others who wish to create a bike sharing group.

Free Bike Share Melbourne location  

Location When you park the bike send the owner the new location.
Accessories To set my bike up for sharing I needed some accessories.

$50 credit on 1st order.
Nutritional home cooked meals for $3.25 pp.
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Free Bike Share Melbourne

Ever had an idea and wanted to do something about it? Free Bike Share Melbourne is such an idea.

Every time I went past my shed it was full of bikes. Bikes that rarely if ever got used and it meant I couldn't use my shed. I thought, what if I fixed up the bikes and made them available to family and friends. Bikes need to be safe and roadworthy, so they required a little work. Since the bikes would be left in public locations, having old looking bikes wasn't a problem. Less likely to get stolen. In the accessories section of Free Bike Share Melbourne I share where I found the best value parts for my bikes.

I also needed a way to let people know where the bikes were and for them to let me know where they'd left them. I'd already written a web app which allows people to share their current location, so I rewrote the web app for Free Bike Share Melbourne. People can send me an email or SMS, which lets me know the bike's last location, which I can then let the next person know. You can use this feature to do the same with your bike if you want.

Free Bike Share Melbourne has evolved and now includes the Bikes option which is a system to enable my family and friends to find, book, borrow and return bikes. Once this feature has been tested over time, if there is interest, the feature may be made available to others who wish to create a bike share group.


When you need a bike contact the person who has the bike and ask for the current location. They'll send you the location and the code to the lock. When you're finished, message them where you've left the bike using Location in the menu, Location allows you to share your current location where you are leaving the bike.


The Bikes area is a password protected area which enables a group to find, book, borrow and return a bike. This area is currently only available for my family and friends to use. If creating a bike share group interests you, you are welcome to register your details using the contact details on my site Once I've tested the service I'll consider ways to make this service available to others.


If you're sharing a bike with family and friends you need to make sure the bike is roadworthy and safe to ride. The following are accessories I needed to bring my bikes up to scratch.

KMart was the best price I could find tyres for $10 each and inner tubes for $5 each.

KMart was the best price I could find inner tubes for $5 each.

Tyre inner liner
A couple of bikes had been left sitting for years. The tyres, tubes and wheel liner had deteriorated. A search for "bike tire inner liner" on eBay provides the liners required. I purchased these for $1 each including delivery.

A bike needs a bell to be roadworthy. Search for "bike bell" on eBay. I purchased metal bike bells for $1 each including freight.

Combination lock
A bike needs to be secured. Since you're sharing the bike a combination lock is a good option. Search eBay for "bike 4 digit combination lock". I picked the security cable with a slightly longer cable. Better to go around posts if required. Price around $4-$5 including delivery.

You need lights if travelling after dark. These aren't so much for seeing, but to help others to see you. Also you can't leave the lights on the bike or they'll get stolen. Each person needs to keep their own set of lights and bring them with them. Search eBay for "silicon bike light". You need a white light for the front and red for the back. These cost $1 each include freight.

You can't ride without a helmet in Victoria. I have my own helmet, but if you need an inexpensive helmet, KMart has helmets from $7 each. Each person needs to bring their own helmet.


  • When buying from eBay use the option to sort the list by lowest price plus postage.
  • When buying from eBay the same item can be found with quite a large price difference. I've gone for the cheapest since it's the same item. No problem so far. If an item doesn't arrive let the seller know. They'll usually refund your money.
  • When buying from eBay if you find an item, use the description and search again. Often you'll find the item cheaper.
  • When buying from eBay watch the freight price. I nearly always buy the item with free freight. There's horror stories of people being charged large freight amounts. Take care.
  • When buying from eBay keep in mind eBay looks after the buyer quite well. If something isn't right contact the seller first. In every case sellers have responded, usually with a refund.
  • When locking up a bike don't leave anything that can be stolen. I prefer to put the lock cable through the frame and wheel.
  • Be prepared for you bike to be stolen. There's always a chance. Since my bikes are old and paid for themselves to me there's very little value if they're stolen. That way if the worst happens, it doesn't hurt so much.
  • If the bike is damaged, or gets a flat tyre, let the owner know as soon as possible.
  • For more information check News which can be found in the above menu. Whilst this uses the JustLocal blog, only posts labelled with bikeshare are shown.


Free Bike Share Melbourne web app comes with no warranty expressed or implied. The Free Bike Share Melbourne web app is only for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free. The information on Free Bike Share Melbourne is not intended to be advice.

$50 credit on 1st order.
Nutritional home cooked meals for $3.25 pp.
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